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Water quality for Human consumption in strongly related to the Environmental water quality.
The condition of the water, regarding chemical, physical, biological characteristics, defines its  suitability for human or/and animal consumption.
The main procedure/measure to define the quality of drinking water is sample collections and Analysis – specially regarding natural disasters or other emergencies.
Some major drinking water indicators are the following:
  •   the color of water
  •   Taste and odor
  •   Dissolved metals, salts like  sodium, chloride, potassium etc.
  •   Microorganisms
  •   pH
  •   Dissolved metals and metalloids
  •   Alkalinity
  •   Dissolved organics
  •   Radon
  •   Heavy metals
  •   Pharmaceuticals
  •   Hormone analogs
 Did you know that:
  •   More people die from illnesses caused by the lack of drinkable water than in wars.
  •   A child is dying every  20 seconds from a water related disease.
  •   More people in the world have cell phones than access to a toilet?
  •   Most of the illness in the world are caused by fecal matter.
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