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How to live a Happy and Healthy Life

How to live a Happy and Healthy Life

1.  Eat Healthy apple-health

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Avoid fast-food restaurants, and all kind of food with high level of preservatives.

2. Choose a Sport





Exercise often, according to

your own needs and character.


3. Enjoy life! You only live once!

Enjoy small things in life and most of all avoid a job that makes you feel unhappy or unsatisfied.

4. Family is energy

Spend time with your family and your own people. Share your thoughts and everyday problems

5. Take it easy!

Take time to rest and relax yourself, physically and mentally. Avoid stress and unnecessary situations. Life is too short to spend.

6.Pursue life, not money!

Do not make money a life purpose. Instead, set as a goal, your personal prosperity and well-being.

7. Prioritize for you and your family


8. Forget all about fancy Cars, expensive mobile Phones, high tech. must have etc.

You should be in control of your own life. You are not a consuming object. You are not there, for the wealth of mobile phone companies, Automobile industries

or any other luxury offering product company. Maybe you will not own a Porsche a Pool or the latest iPhone, but you will own, your own life!

Always keep in mind what matters the most:

Have your own code of ethics and values. Be a philosopher and a family person at the same time. Life will reward you back!

Remember, living a happy and healthy life is not a rocket-science matter!

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