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People ‘s Prosperity key factors

People ‘s Prosperity key factors

The level of Prosperity of each country should be measured by setting goals, progress evaluation, and benchmarking.

Some key factors are:

Community Culture Finance Proper Education Health Living Environment

which finally determine People ‘s well being.

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In the period of 1890 to 1891 Tesla gave dozens of lectures on AC power and its use. Tesla invented the coil Tesla (Tesla coil).

He demonstrated that the transmit and receive radio waves were his own inventions. Therefore he also owned 13 patents supporting his allegations.

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Eco Planet / Green Planet lifestyle



There are 3 reasons that the average person would consider about Eco Planet / Green Planet lifestyle.

These are: 1) Contribute to a better Environment 2) Health issues 3) Financial – Money saving

What is your motivation towards an Eco Planet / Green Planet lifestyle?




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